Turnkey Brewing Equipment Installation

Craft Brewery Installations was started in Chicago in 2015 after almost a decade of experience working with brewery equipment manufacturers, quality control, and brewery installation companies. We are a small family business focused on the design, installation, and service of any and all mechanical components of a beverage making facility.

Our company has the ability to help in every step of a beverage facility build out – from design to first pour. Our team works with trusted vendors to procure the necessary equipment within any budget to realize a truly unique facility design. During project development, our trained technicians install any and all equipment including fermenters, steam systemsglycol systemsmalt handling and much more. After seeing the project through, all CBI installations come with one year of service warranty.

Our Mission:

We don’t like to drink bad beverages. Our major objective is to help breweries, cideries, meaderies, and distilleries large and small make the cleanest, tastiest beverage products possible for their customers.

Your trusted source for all equipment and installation needs

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Brewery, Distillery, Cidery, Winery, Meadery


Brewhouse, Cellar, Malt Handling, Pumps

Glycol Systems

Chillers, System design, Installation, Maintenance

Electrical Systems

Control Panels, Solenoids, Actuators, Temperature Controllers

Steam Systems

Boilers, System design, Installation, Maintenance

Draft Systems

Walk-in Coolers, Dispensing Solutions, Custom Towers

Malt Handling

Silos, Mills, Augers, Chain Disk, Flow Scales, System Design

Water Treatment

DE Filters, Plate and Frame, Centrifuge

Sanitary Process Piping

Corrosion-Resistant, Hygienic, Great Strength-to-Weight-Advantage
We compile and organize multiple quotes for every component so you can make intelligent and informed decisions.