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Brewery Consulting

Craft Brewery Installations will identify your specific brewery, distillery, or cidery needs and then advise, design, and install a system that is custom-tailored for your business’s needs. We can design, install, and automate your glycol systems, steams systems, draft systems, electrical systems, malt handling, and help you manage your water supply and filtration.

Glycol Systems

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. After discussing your plans and goals, we can provide you with quotes from multiple chiller manufacturers to provide you with the best options for your needs. We can also design and install a glycol system with a variety of materials including schedule 80 PVC, copper, stainless steel, and Cool-Fit.

Steam Systems

We can provide you with quotes from multiple boiler or steam generator manufacturers to give you a complete view of the options available to you. We can also provide options for condensate return systems and chemical feed systems. Finally, we can design, install, and insulate your entire steam system.

Malt Handling

Malt is the most important (and expensive) ingredient in your beer. Achieving and maintaining the optimum grist profile involves more than simply adjusting the gap setting on your roller mill and hitting the start button on your auger. A well-designed malt handling system will increase the efficiency of your brew operation, and save you time and money.

Process Automation

Simplify your brewing practice through automation. With our craft industry tested technology the possibilities at your control are endless. Integrate all the moving parts of your process in one system saving time, money and energy while increasing production efficiently and easily.

Electrical Systems

Our full-time master electrician can wire your control panels, solenoids, motorized valves, temperature controllers, and any other component needed to operate your brewery, distillery, cidery, or winery. We provide consulting and support at all phases of their business for breweries and distilleries, as well as maintenance and repair of existing systems.

Draft Systems

We will determine the sizing and cooling power needed for your walk-in coolers, as well as design and install your entire draft system. Our experts will help you determine the correct sizes, quantities, and cooling power for your walk-in coolers. We can also help design, order, and install your complete draft system.

Water & Filtration

Breweries require a lot of water. The brewhouse requires hot and cold filtered water to a mixing station for mashing in. No matter your needs, we can determine the appropriate water filtration system as well as design and install all the plumbing required for your brewery to work flawlessly.

Sanitary Process Piping

Sanitary process piping is an attractive looking method for properly welding stainless steel to make your piping system corrosion resistant and hygienic with a strong strength-to-weight-advantage so your beer or cider is always crisp, clean and never skunky.