Brewery Automation

"For Craft Brewery Installations, automation integrates all the moving parts, saving time, money, and energy while increasing production without foregoing quality."

CBI can help you automate your brew system as much, or as little, as you see fit. Our industry tested technology offers endless possibilities in control and efficiency. After equipment procurement, design, and installation, you’ll be seamlessly and steadily productive.

Brewhouse Control

Dynamic Distillery Controller

Alarms and data tracking

Vapor Temperature Heating Control
Variable Motor Speed Control
Temperature and Flow monitoring
Deflag monitoring and control

Advanced Cellar Control System

Malt Handling Control System

Alarms and data tracking

EXPERIENCE MATTERS. We have designed and installed systems for over 80 Breweries since 2015

Check out our maintenance packages so you can keep your focus on quality brewing, not your equipment.

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Brewery, Distillery, Cidery, Winery, Meadery


Brewhouse, Cellar, Malt Handling, Pumps

Glycol Systems

Chillers, System design, Installation, Maintenance

Electrical Systems

Control Panels, Solenoids, Actuators, Temperature Controllers

Steam Systems

Boilers, System design, Installation, Maintenance

Draft Systems

Walk-in Coolers, Dispensing Solutions, Custom Towers

Malt Handling

Silos, Mills, Augers, Chain Disk, Flow Scales, System Design

Water & Filtration

DE Filters, Plate and Frame, Centrifuge