Glycol Chiller Systems

"Accurately controlling the temperature of your beer could be the difference between a World Beer Cup Gold Medal or just another hop-driven pale ale."

A perfect cooling system is imperative to brewing perfect beer. We will take care to determine the proper equipment for your application, making sure you have everything you need, without overselling on frivolities you don’t. This includes incorporation of the chiller, all motorized valves, solenoids, temperature controllers, and proper mountings.


After sourcing the best glycol chiller and auxiliary equipment, we’ll design a system that not only does the job well but also looks good in the brewhouse.

We will work with you to determine the appropriate pipe material for your system. Brewery glycol systems can be made of:

Schedule 80 PVC
Stainless Steel
Niron All-Pro

Cool-Fit ABS +
PPR (Aquatherm)

Tank temperatures can be adjusted individually with simple inexpensive controllers, smart controllers, or through a panel that will send alerts if a tank is out of temperature range, schedule and automate tank crashing, and even allow for remote access. We offer full-service chiller and brewery glycol system installation.

We want to see each project through to the end. Our installation is fast, precise, and clean. Contact us today to start the planning process.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS. We have designed and installed systems for over 100 Breweries since 2015

Check out our maintenance packages so you can keep your focus on quality brewing, not your equipment.

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