Stainless Steel Sanitary Process Piping

"If you’re into making alcoholic beverages, you’re into stainless steel."

We love and respect stainless steel and its corrosion resistance, hygienic qualities, strength-to-weight-advantage, and of course the fact that it just looks good in the facility. When joined by welding, stainless steel pipes have joints that are very strong with minimum flow restrictions. If done incorrectly, pits and crevices develop and act as a resort town for nasty bacteria, eventually ruining the flavor of your beer or cider.

Extreme care must be taken during welding as stainless steel can warp at very high temperatures and distort during the cool-down process causing those nasty pits. It’s best to leave the sanitary process piping to the experienced professionals at CBI. We’ll help maintain the long-term value of your system while protecting the integrity of your product.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS. We have designed and installed systems for over 100 Breweries since 2015

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