Brewery Water Filtration Systems

Water is the main ingredient in beer. We put as much time, energy, and thought into water treatment as a brewer puts into his or her selection of hops.

Every brewery has distinctive water supply requirements. First, we’ll help you source everything you need for your water filtration system: carbon filters, particulate filters, reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, DE filters, Plate and Frame, and Centrifuge, to name a few. Once your exclusively-designed treatment system has been finalized, we’ll install it perfectly. We can even provide a helpful diagram of the piping and instrumentation.

Our water system designs aid in efficient:

- Recapturing water from heat exchanger to the hot liquor tank

- Use of filtered water to spray boil overs
- Providing hot water hose connections for cellar cleaning

- Hot and cold-water mixing station for a consistent strike temperature
- Filtered water for customer drinking water
- Softened water for boiler feedwater

EXPERIENCE MATTERS. We have designed and installed systems for over 100 Breweries since 2015

Check out our maintenance packages so you can keep your focus on quality brewing, not your equipment.

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